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In Bali, spirituality permeates every aspect of your being

A serene portal to tranquility

Engage in sacred rituals and embrace the harmonious blend of nature and spirituality, fostering profound personal growth and inner peace.

I have personally selected the most unusual places where Balinese people themselves come for healing. You will not just see Bali, you will feel its spirit and be imbued with the power of this magical island by experiencing all this beautiful place and culture has to offer.

I have a whole team working to help you relax and transform.


A restoration of the soul

Ignite your internal energy source!

This is a transformational experience. Be ready to spread your wings and fall in love with life again, find your joy and reclaim your light.

Each person on my team is a professional in their field. We are united by the desire to make this retreat truly unique, unforgettable and to fill your heart with love for yourself and Bali.

A restoration of the soul and body with the grace of Bali and knowledge of our healers. Get rid of accumulated stress let go of limited attitudes wake up, recover and fill yourself with a renewed life force. Ignite your internal energy source, connect with like-minded people.


the location


Bali’s art and culture capital and the place where we will live.

Located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines, this little town is known as a place rich in healing powers.

Journey with me into the Bali Portal

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Retreat Includes:

Flight tickets to and from Bali not included.

Every journey is a gateway to new experiences, insights and dimensions of consciousness. Each step becomes sacred, opening doors to self-discovery, growth and connection with the world around us.

your guide



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As I guide guests in sacred service, through these sacred portals, I am continually surrounded by incredible clients that I am deeply inspired by.

To hear all of the beautiful and moving reflections afterward, is priceless to me. Watching real time transformation in front of my eyes is my why and my purpose.

I am deeply touched, but moreover deeply healed, to hear the incredible stories of activations and transformations on these sacred journeys. It heals remnants of insecurity and self-doubt in me, which many of us face on the path to embodied, humble leadership. Guiding through these portals confirms and reassures me beyond measure that I am in deep alignment with my path and soul mission. I feel supported to hold and embody the frequency of heart centered leadership, leadership with integrity and humility. I hold space that I may always continue to learn, evolve and grow in this way.


Join me on a Sakred Journey!

I look forward to connecting personally, answering any questions you may have and ultimately guiding you on a profound transformational journey through one of my portal offerings.

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