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I'm Your Guide

As I guide guests in sacred service, through these sacred portals, I am continually surrounded by incredible clients that I am deeply inspired by.

To hear the multitude of beautiful and moving reflections afterward, is priceless to me.

Watching real time transformation is my “why” and my “purpose”.

I am deeply touched, but moreover deeply healed, to hear the incredible stories of activations and transformations on these sacred journeys. It heals remnants of insecurity and self-doubt in me, which many of us face on the path to embodied, humble leadership. Guiding through these portals confirms and reassures me beyond measure that I am in deep alignment with my path and soul mission. I feel supported to hold and embody the frequency of heart centered leadership, leadership with integrity and humility. I hold space that I may always continue to learn, evolve and grow in this way.

I know deeply that I am meant to work with light workers, leaders and those who feel called to lead. This alignment feels good and in flow with my purpose.

I know the powerful medicine I am here to share through the teachings of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Maya, Ancient Bali, Ancient Peru and beyond. My work is to help light workers and leaders deepen their mission, to fine tune their crafts, fortify their spirit and to support them in taking their work to the next level.

I am not here to help you make more money or to attract more clients.

I am here to support clients in amplifying their gifts, their medicine and their voice so that their impact and service can be seen, felt, received and be the catalyst of awakening for others.

Abundance, prosperity and an aligned lifestyle are a natural byproduct of this, but it is not my “why”.

What the world needs now are more leaders to step up and step into the path of healing and to be in service to humanity. This is my dharma, to guide, awaken and empower those who are called to let their light shine brightly, in the process, igniting others to do the same. I am here to ignite these lights, to activate you and to guide you from dim to shining.

I recognize that many of these portals are a high-ticket investment. However, many thousands will benefit indirectly through the leaders and lightworkers who join me on these journeys and ripple out the teachings to their families, communities and clients, moving their authenticity and alignment from 3D to 5D.

It's hard to put into words the magnitude, potency and unbelievable expansion these portals provide.

One thing I know is certain: These journeys, these portals, will change you.

There is before and after. It is simply not possible to stay the same.

These portals are not for everyone. They are for those who are ready to boldy claim their highest timeline. For those energetically able to hold deep transformation + initiation.

When I received the calling to create these portals and journey clients into deep transformation, my message was clear, " The people who will join you have already been chosen".

And I deeply trust this.

Through these ancient portals may we all ignite and emerge more powerful and bright than we were before. May we remember the most profound initiation into the sacred and the spiritual, the ancient and the futuristic. May we move from dim to bright. May we awaken into the secret mysteries of life, religion and spirituality across all dimensions, time and space.

It is my absolute honor to guide you.

Joey McCune