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Become fully embodied in your radiancy and reclaim the essence of who you really are

How many of you are hustling, absolutely exhausted and living in deep burnout?
It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of survival and reset your soul.

Move from burned out to BURNING BRIGHT!

a transformative retreat

Step into the realm of sacred healing

This is a holistic life reset to raise your frequency, revitalize your mind, body and soul to help you STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT and SHINE UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Meet your authentic self and watch what happens in your life when you uplevel in this way. Healing starts the moment you allow your journey to be your medicine.

Ignite your light and experience a profound journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional selfdiscovery. Take this opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness with the careful guidance of experienced facilitators who help ensure a supportive and nurturing environment.

In a world filled with chaos and stress, finding a sanctuary to disconnect and reconnect with your inner self is an invaluable gift. Recharge and revitalize with a transformative experience that combines natural beauty, spiritual practice, and holistic healing. Offering a spiritual renewal experience that offers time dedicated to personal reflection, the tranquil and serene atmosphere enveloping this place allows you to disconnect from the distractions of the outside world and focus on your spiritual growth. Here you can engage in your own introspection, keep a journal, or simply enjoy moments of contemplative silence. It's dedicated time just for you, a space created to explore your deepest thoughts and emotions.

The sense of renewal is not fleeting. It can have a lasting impact on your daily life, helping you maintain calm and clarity in stressful situations. The self-discovery journey you embark upon can be the spark that ignites a positive transformation in your life.

Allowing yourself time for reflection, meditation, and mindful spiritual practice can open new doors to harmony and balance in your life. The signs of growth and healing are often subtle whispers that manifest in moments of resilience, self-love, and strength. Take these signs as a guide on your path to personal evolution.

Tend the garden of your soul and feel more empowered. Sow the seeds of self-love and personal growth to cultivate a beautiful and fulfilling life.


During your stay, you will be immersed in the healing vortex of Tulum, surrounded by the ecologically preserved jungle.

We await with open arms and open hearts, ready to guide you toward the illuminating inner peace we all crave. Great things never come from comfort zones!

Traveling is not only going on vacation or escaping for a few days from the day-to-day routine. When traveling, we seek different experiences, encounters that change the way we see and enjoy our existence, and transform our lives. Modern life can grind even the best of us down, and so it is little surprise that we seek to escape it whenever vacation time comes around. Outside of the usual sun-bed and Piña Colada destination retreats, however, there is rising popularity for a spiritual reset which aims at resetting both body and mind through mindfulness and spiritual connection. Join me in a sacred container, an intentional space, that inspires deep inner reflection.

Disconnect on a detox journey in the Tulum jungle, a rejuvenating healing destination known for its mind and soul-cleansing stays.

The essence of spirituality is connecting with your authentic self. This bespoke and specially curated retreat will act as the medium to self-discovery through learning who you are at a level of your essence, allowing you to go deeper on your soul journey

This is an immersive retreat filled with ancient healing and wellness ceremonies to heal your soul, set in luxurious and private settings.

Every journey is a gateway to new experiences, insights and dimensions of consciousness. Each step becomes sacred, opening doors to self-discovery, growth and connection with the world around us.

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the location

Why Tulum?

Tulum is often referred to as a “vortex” – one of the world’s highly charged points.

Travelers come from all over the world to experience the energy vortex and the healing experiences offered. From the sacred cenotes to the ancestral Mayan ceremonies, this area is an ideal place for those looking to connect with their spiritual, authentic self and to step fully into their light.

The Tulum jungle is a special place that embodies unique ways to live in harmony with nature and offers you the opportunity to harmonize your body to awaken your spiritual self.

Packed with daily programs with ancient ceremony and practice, I have curated a safe container to help you feel what it’s like to be the person you envision.


The Experience

An unparalleled, private, luxury retreat sanctuary experience, perfectly positioned in a lush, private and exclusive jungle setting.

7 days retreat.
All inclusive retreat experience. All meals & experiences are included.

Not included: Airfare to Cancun / Private transfer can be arranged

your guide



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As I guide guests in sacred service, through these sacred portals, I am continually surrounded by incredible clients that I am deeply inspired by.

To hear all of the beautiful and moving reflections afterward, is priceless to me. Watching real time transformation in front of my eyes is my why and my purpose.

I am deeply touched, but moreover deeply healed, to hear the incredible stories of activations and transformations on these sacred journeys. It heals remnants of insecurity and self-doubt in me, which many of us face on the path to embodied, humble leadership. Guiding through these portals confirms and reassures me beyond measure that I am in deep alignment with my path and soul mission. I feel supported to hold and embody the frequency of heart centered leadership, leadership with integrity and humility. I hold space that I may always continue to learn, evolve and grow in this way.


Join me on a Sakred Journey!

I look forward to connecting personally, answering any questions you may have and ultimately guiding you on a profound transformational journey through one of my portal offerings.

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