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Peru Portal


A gateway into the heart of Andean wisdom

Journey through this portal to learn from the ancient Incan understanding of the cosmos and to awaken a profound connection with the universe. Unlock the Shamanic Secrets of Ancient Wisdom, Embrace the Power of the Andean Energies, and Reclaim Your True Mastery.

Journey with Paqo Masters Pampamesayoq to the most sacred sites in the Sacred Valley and Cusco.


For this once in a lifetime 10 day journey

Join me in the Peru Portal

Maestros will teach how to connect with the sacred places with millenary energies, honoring them through offerings. Include cleansing and blessing ceremonies, transmissions in the sacred temples, and in depth teachings about Andean spirituality, archeology, and history.

Discover the essence of Peru, where the ancient whispers of the Andes echo through the vibrant streets, where the spirit of the Incas dance in the rhythm of everyday life, and where the breathtaking landscapes serve as a canvas for the tales of a rich and storied past. A land where history and nature intertwine, where the peaks of Machu Picchu stand as silent witness to the resilience of civilizations past.

In every corner, Peru beckons with the promise of discover, inviting all who tread upon its soil to embark on a journey of wonder and awe, where mysticism unfolds beneath the shadow of the Andes, revealing the enigmatic secrets of the seven wonders of the world and the intriguing depths of the Andean cosmology.

An extraordinary 10-day spiritual and culinary odyssey that threads through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Peru, guided by the ancient pathways of the Qhapaq Ñan. This historic network, once the backbone of the Inca Empire, not only connected majestic archaeological sites but also served as a conduit for the cosmic energy that permeated Inca beliefs.

As you traverse this sacred route from the energetic vortexes of Cusco, the enigmatic ruins of Machu Picchu to the tranquil shores of Lake Titicaca and the mystical gate of Aramu Muru, you’ll engage with the profound spiritual legacy of the Incas—where the heavens, the earth, and the underworld were linked through the Andean cosmovision of the serpent, puma, and condor.


This tour is designed for those who seek more than just a vacation.

It is an invitation to partake in ancient ceremonies, such as the Despacho offerings for Pachamama (Mother Earth), participate in purifying flower baths, and immerse in traditional Andean ceremonies that have been practiced for millennia.

This journey is not only a physical exploration but a profound internal voyage that offers cleansing, renewal, and deeper understanding.

Each destination is a deep dive into the mystical, with guided explorations of energetic vortexes and serene landscapes, all while indulging in the comfort of four and five-star accommodations and internationally acclaimed cuisine inspired by traditional practices and local ingredients.

We will embark together on a transformative journey and shamanic initiation as we merge the potent energy of Peru’s sacred sites with profound shamanic ceremonies and activations designed to activate your highest most authentic self.


Understanding the

Qhapaq Ñan

Connect not only with the history of a great civilization but also with the cosmic forces that defined their understanding of the universe.

The Qhapaq Ñan, or the Great Inca Road, was an extensive road system that facilitated not only the movement of armies and goods but also the dissemination of ideas and spiritual practices throughout the Inca Empire. Stretching over thousands of kilometers across what is now Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia, this network linked the most sacred sites of the empire, enhancing the spiritual, political, and social cohesion of the region.

Inca Spiritual Beliefs and Practices

The Incas’ complex religious beliefs closely tied them to the natural world and the cosmos. Reverence for Inti, the Sun God, and Pachamama, the Earth Mother, characterized their spiritual practices, which included elaborate rituals at huacas (sacred objects and places) and a sophisticated system of ceques (lines) emanating from the Coricancha (Temple of the Sun) in Cusco. These practices ensured that the community maintained harmony with the cosmos, balancing spiritual with earthly energies and emphasizing the importance of reciprocity in all relationships—principles that deeply inform our journey.

Join me for an unparalleled tour, a modern pilgrimage that not only explores the sacred geography of Peru but also revitalizes the spirit and mind through shared experiences, luxury, and a profound connection to the earth and its ancient cultures. This is not only a journey through Peru; it is a pathway to deeper understanding and meaningful interaction with our world.

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Flight tickets to and from Peru not included.


Depending on the group, morning meditation or yoga can be incorporated before breakfast, or at sacred sites. Travel insurance not included.

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As I guide guests in sacred service, through these sacred portals, I am continually surrounded by incredible clients that I am deeply inspired by.

To hear all of the beautiful and moving reflections afterward, is priceless to me. Watching real time transformation in front of my eyes is my why and my purpose.

I am deeply touched, but moreover deeply healed, to hear the incredible stories of activations and transformations on these sacred journeys. It heals remnants of insecurity and self-doubt in me, which many of us face on the path to embodied, humble leadership. Guiding through these portals confirms and reassures me beyond measure that I am in deep alignment with my path and soul mission. I feel supported to hold and embody the frequency of heart centered leadership, leadership with integrity and humility. I hold space that I may always continue to learn, evolve and grow in this way.


My Commitment to

Responsible Travel

I am dedicated to intentional and responsible travel. Echoing the intricate network of the Qhapaq Ñan, which wove through the Andes to facilitate communication and unity across distances, we support local artisans who maintain their ancient craft traditions in weaving and dyeing. Each handmade item purchased during our journey carries a story of love and ancient knowledge, and a portion of every sale goes directly to buying art supplies that benefit the women and children of these communities.

By empowering local women, we contribute to dismantling oppressive systems and fostering community well-being, embodying the Incan principle of “ayni” or reciprocity—ensuring that our travels support a harmonious exchange between visitors and hosts.


Join me on a Sakred Journey!

I look forward to connecting personally, answering any questions you may have and ultimately guiding you on a profound transformational journey through one of my portal offerings.

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Please note

We will have activities and excursions every day from morning to evening. There won’t be time during the retreat to do other activities off-property. If you want to explore other locations, we recommend staying extra days before or after the retreat.

Also kindly note this is NOT a plant medicine retreat. However, if you would like to stay an additional couple of days to partake in medicine ceremonies with expert shamans, we can coordinate and make introductions. All arrangements for travel and accommodations will be done on your own but we are happy to connect you to the proper spiritual guides.